NTI Plus

Nearly 25 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. In addition, over 44 million Americans suffer from chronic clenching and grinding, resulting in varied forms of tooth damage. At Dental Associates, we have a simple solution for most of these cases – the FDA-Approved NTI Plus.

The NTI Plus dental device has been successful in treating the problems with no drugs or medications. Statistics, which reflect the studies of the FDA, have shown dramatic improvements in 80% of patients.

NTI_Model.jpgThe NTI Plus is small, simple devices that fits securely and comfortably on the upper or lower two front teeth while a person sleeps. Wearing the device keeps the back teeth from meeting which prevents jaw-clenching, the intense muscle contractions of the scalp and jaw that migraine and chronic headache sufferers experience during sleep. This intense muscle activity usually occurs without the person’s knowledge and has been linked to increases severity and frequency of headache and migraine pain.

Wearing the NTI Plus also helps protect from the damage caused by bruxing and clenching or any other activity that can wear the teeth down or cause chips and cracks.

The NTI Plus is made of a thermoplastic material utilizing a high heat, high pressure injection process that guarantees a perfect fit with no shrinking and proven durability. It does not absorb any stains or odors and has been confirmed to last 3 times longer than conventional acrylic guards.

For more information on the revolutionary NTI Plus, give us a call today. Your headaches could be over with one simple solution.